“What is it to die, but to stand naked in the wind and to melt into the sun?  And what is it to cease breathing, but to free the breath from its restless tides, that it may rise and expand and seek God unencumbered?”  Those words from The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran lend me the vision of my spirit melting into the sun and becoming part of the freedom of finding God. 

I believe in life after death because of Jesus Christ.  It has been revealed to us in the words of those who went before us.  Jesus Christ died and is risen!  He is the First Born of the Dead.  Our death is a doorway to eternal life.  We have a supernatural end – not just a natural end.  The supernatural end is life with God.

I want to see His face.  If purgation is the necessary means for the Beatific end, then my soul will be happy being made ready.  I love God for the gift of life, but I love Him even more for the gift of eternal life.  I pray God I will be found worthy of this Divine gift.  I say today with Saint Augustine…my heart is restless until it rests with You.  Alleluia!  Jesus Christ is risen from the dead!

Happy Easter!  Happy Life serving the one, true God!



Along Life’s path we  meet our limitations.  We also meet our fulfillment in some areas and our frustrations in many others.   As it states in “My Daily Life” by Anthony J. Paone, S.J. he states, “Being human means having a nature which is united in some ways and divided in other ways.”  Anyone who reads St. Paul’s letter to the Romans where he speaks of wanted to do good and ending up doing what he doesn’t want to do understands this struggle between the push and the pull of our natures.  It can tire us at best and take us to despair at worst.

I never understood what it was in me that allowed me and made me desire to do what was wrong.  Why did I go against my better judgement?  Was it all about the original sin…my lowly nature…thanks to Adam and Eve’s disobedience?  Could I throw up my hands and say, See?  It’s just too hard for me to do good, to obey the principles of the ten commandments and Jesus’ commandments of loving God and loving our neighbor as ourselves?

The virtue of obedience to spiritual principles, of which I am well aware on most days, often seems impossible.  The natural evils of fire and floods and the moral evils of war and abuse are blanketed throughout our world.   The world’s woes make my limitations seem harmless in comparison.  I think what happens to me is that the wrong I want to do seems harmless.  It seems like fun and may even be folly, but in comparison with the greed, war, and impossible situations found in life – seems innocent.  In the shadow of darkness, our little black spot seems inconsequential.

I think the grace of realizing our weakness in sin despite our desire to do good is proof positive that we need God.  In repentance, we find a small path back to Him.  The decision to grow in holiness through our repentant spirit will clear away our wreckage so that we may walk in the light of God once again.  Through the grace of confession we walk to our God in Holy Communion with renewed awe.   Being true to ourselves, being honest about our failings, is not an exercise in futility, but is a way back home to our Savior.


Heading home is a journey we begin at birth.  We have our assignments: to love God with all our heart, mind and soul AND to love our neighbor as ourselves.  I am assigned to listen when I am being spoken to, to offer love and clarity when I can, and to remain quiet when I can’t say something helpful.  We are called to add to the world…something I didn’t realize for a long time.

If I listen when I am stopped on my journey, the answers abound.  I must listen for the guidance that is all around me.  I must offer clarity and love even when I am not moved to do so.  It is the highest law.  I must trust my inner voice – the still, quiet voice – the guidance.  To remain quiet when I can not say something helpful is to recognize that guidance is called for – not criticism.  We are all on the same journey.  We are all heading home.  Some of us are not conscious of it, some of us are.  We are all at different segments of the path.  When a brother or sister appears before me, I am called to love.  I am called to love in all my thoughts.  I have one dream – to get home.  I have many thoughts that may or may not be loving.  If they are not loving, I must edit them until they are.

People come and go from my path.  I am where I am because they were on my path to begin with and they helped me keep to the right road.  Today I must continue my journey.  I will encounter other brothers and sisters, some I will know, some I will not, but I will greet them with loving thoughts.

God, relieve me of the bondage of self!  Let me love You and all men freely!