Christmas – Holiday or Holy Day???

Christmas means a lot of things to a lot of people.  For me, December 25th is a holy, miraculous day.  It is a time, a season to prepare ourselves.  To truly believe that God became man makes the commemoration of this most important day and most important moment in history imperative.  Of all the moments, of all the days, this one is most important.  The God man is born.  What a loving God we have who humbled Himself to become one of us.  Imagine  the love!  Imagine the humility!  Of all the kindnesses, all the wonderment, all the beautious moments in life!  May my heart and all hearts welcome Him!



Romans 13: 12-13 reads as follows:  “Let us then throw off the works of darkness [and] put on the armor of light; let us conduct ourselves properly as in the day.” 

The contrast of light and darkness, the white hat and the black hat of the old Westerns, the day and the night, the open and the hidden are all symbols of the same good versus evil phenomenon.  I cannot enjoy a book in a dark room.  I need a light.   I cannot be a good Catholic Christian if I pretend to be good in public and, in secret, commit many sins.  That pretense alone is a lie and the sins adding to my darkness.   I remember as a child when I used to watch a friend of my father’s receive Communion with such reverence I wanted to be as good as him.  I knew his wife and children and thought their family was like The Nelsons.  Then one beautiful summer day I saw him with his arm wrapped around a much younger blonde as he drove by in his convertible.  It devastated me and, during the period I was away from the Church, I used the contrasting pictures of the man in my mind to assure me that religious people were all hippocrits.  I’m sure the man never knew the impact he had on me.

My sins are committed in darkness.  If they are thoughts, they are hidden from the rest of the world.  If they are words, they are masqueraded by justifications or an image I’m trying to hide behind.  If they are deeds, they are usually hidden from others or performed at night.  Any good act, word or deed can be done out in the open or in the light of day.  We don’t have to do or say them in the open, but if they were found out, it would be okay.

Jesus called Himself, “The Light of the World.”  If I follow His example, I can be free to live in the light.  I accept that I am a sinner and have a dark side, but it is my hope that I will be drawn to the light in all my affairs.   Because I know I am a sinner, I know I need God.  The human condition is my problem, the Divine Light is my solution.

God bless us all!