I read somewhere that in order to keep life simple, we have to get into the habit of making decisions so that no matter what happens in life  we make up our minds to either change or accept.   It isn’t the losses, the hurts or the fears that cause trouble in life.  It is the refusal to make up our minds whether to accept it or change it.  Staying in the middle leads to emotional turmoil.   Making a decision will simplify anyone’s life.   Today’s first reading was about Job.  His usual reaction to problems or successes is “The Lord giveth; and the Lord taketh away.  Blessed be the name of the Lord.”  He kept life simple.

Another contribution to making life unmanageable is the danger of resentments.  Almost all problems can be tied to resentments.  We hang on to our hurts.  We re-feel and re-feel the hurt, which complicates every action.  It is amazing to what lengths resentful people will go just to get even.  To simplify our life, we need to practice letting things go.

There is a new commercial where a meeting takes place to find the answer to a problem.  One of the attendees suggests “blamestorming”.    Are we blamestorming others for the problems in our life?  If we are, expect to feel miserable for a while.  Until you see your part in your own misery, you will continue to flounder around in a problematic life.

I don’t say I have all the answers.  Perhaps I can say I have one.  In order to make my life simpler, I need to make a decision about changing something or accepting something.



I lived a life of discouragement.  I never seemed to be able to succeed at anything I tried.  Most of my life I thought of myself as handicapped either mentally or physically.  In truth, I know today, I was handicapped spiritually.  I thought I had to depend on my own strength.  My pride always deceived me.  And, I didn’t think to rely on God in times of trouble or in times of opportunity.  In other words, I tried to succeed alone, I failed alone, and I reviewed my actions alone.  I was always discouraged to try again.   How could I expect to garner strength when it was my own lack of strength that made me fail?

St. Theresa of Jesus said:  “The soul must sometime emerge from self-knowledge and soar aloft in meditation upon the greatness and the majesty of its God.”  

The greatest acknowledgement of self I ever made is that I have been wrong about almost everything.  I am wrong so often, I wonder how I ever had an ego.  Today I realize that I am merely a mortal being.  I will be here for a while and then I will not exist.  I realize I know only a little…and what I think I know is based on my logic – which is often skewed.  I have lost my opinion about things in this world.  Political figures come and go, national problems come and go, wars and enemies come and go.  We are passing through this world at lightening speed.  What was cool one day is considered weird another day.  One only has to look at hairstyles and clothing styles to have a good laugh.  However, in their hayday they were considered the latest, the greatest of all time.  

With St. Theresa I pray:  “Yes, oh my God, I am happy to feel little and weak in Your presence, and my heart remains in peace.” 

Today I am encouraged by God’s mercy and grace on His people.