The Cross of Christ reveals God’s love for us because that is where he redeemed us fully and finally for his purposes.  At this most poetic time of the year, let us embrace His cross and the love He showed for us and for all people.  Let us begin to love God with all our hearts, minds and souls.  Let us begin again to love others, to see the Christ in each one of them. 

The world is busy whirling and bringing new and different events into our existence, wanted or not.  The world contains more and more deviation from our calling to love that it takes the strength of many just to stay focused on our mission.  Let us remember, as the forsythia and hyacynths blossom, that their beauty is nothing in comparison to God’s world.  They are a foretaste of heaven.  The best information available to us is the knowledge of God as He revealed Himself through the prophets of the Old Testament and through His Son in the new.

While the world twirls around, let us get still and live in the Word of God.  Let us meditate on love and supernatural beauty.  Let us be open to the new people who come into our lives and the new life that comes into ourselves and others.  This is a time of renewal.  When Christ resides within us, we die to our life and awaken into His glorious resurrection. 

May God bless us all!  Happy Easter


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