I’ve learned to rely on the Holy Spirit’s gift of wisdom before I read or write something of a spiritual nature.  I’ve learned to rely on the same gift whenever my husband and I don’t see eye to eye on an issue.  I leave the room and pray for the Holy Spirit to give me a new perspective on the issue.  I ask that he clarify my thoughts or change my mind depending on what is rushing through my head at the time.  It always works. 

Today is the feast of Pentecost…the birthday of the Church.  It marks the end of the Easter season and the beginning of what is called ordinary time.  On ordinary days in ordinary time I can strive to be ordinary myself – not better or worse than others.  Ordinary time seems like a lackluster name for this time of year.  However, it reminds me that I am just another Bozo on the bus, but that us Bozos can make a difference in the world.  In my contacts during these ordinary days, I can pray for insight and understanding in my daily life.  Funny ordinary time is marked with bright flowers and green trees and lawns and a variety of birds.  Maybe that is the Father’s gift to us as we try to live each day as if it were the most important day of our lives.  It is anyhow.  Whether we are aware of it or not, the present moment is the most important time.  Like the Hail Mary which tells us the most important times in our lives “now and at the hour of our death”, let us stay conscious of the presence of the Holy Spirit.  His gifts are a tremendous boost to me.  Jesus wanted to send us the Paraclete.  We must surely need Him. 

Let us, like the early Christians, invoke the Holy Spirit to come into our hearts, minds and souls at this moment so that we may live a life full of wisdom, awareness and love. 

Peace be with you!



The Cross of Christ reveals God’s love for us because that is where he redeemed us fully and finally for his purposes.  At this most poetic time of the year, let us embrace His cross and the love He showed for us and for all people.  Let us begin to love God with all our hearts, minds and souls.  Let us begin again to love others, to see the Christ in each one of them. 

The world is busy whirling and bringing new and different events into our existence, wanted or not.  The world contains more and more deviation from our calling to love that it takes the strength of many just to stay focused on our mission.  Let us remember, as the forsythia and hyacynths blossom, that their beauty is nothing in comparison to God’s world.  They are a foretaste of heaven.  The best information available to us is the knowledge of God as He revealed Himself through the prophets of the Old Testament and through His Son in the new.

While the world twirls around, let us get still and live in the Word of God.  Let us meditate on love and supernatural beauty.  Let us be open to the new people who come into our lives and the new life that comes into ourselves and others.  This is a time of renewal.  When Christ resides within us, we die to our life and awaken into His glorious resurrection. 

May God bless us all!  Happy Easter


If we are to believe all the commercials on television, we will have friends, prosperity and a great life if we just buy their products…their cars, their lipstick, or their steamed vegetables.  They continually guarantee a better life by flying to a resort for a wild vacation, or getting the right hair color.  Life seems like a series of spending sprees and wild relationships.  If one never went outside of the house, they might believe it.

However, those of us in the real world have to get out of a perfectly comfortable bed to go to a job where we are unappreciated and underpaid.  Perhaps the car won’t start or our children continue to fight and make a mess of the house.  Maybe we are afraid that we are going to lose our jobs and will fall victim to a life of total fear with no money in sight.  Whatever our dilemma, we know better than to believe what we are sold about life.  But, if that is all you see, it can seem like you are out of step with the rest of the parade.

If we go through life the hard way, like most of us do, we learn that we have to depend on a power greater than ourselves.  On our own, we will not make it.  God is the power I seek because without God I am just another blade of grass with no purpose.  When I connect with God and, more, when I give my life over to God and ask Him to guide my thoughts, my words and my actions.  I must die to myself  (realize that of myself I am nothing…the opposite of all the commercials) and live in Jesus.  I must take on the armor of God and face the world with hope, love and the gift of faith.  I must add to the world.  I must not take advantage of people or try to outsmart the Creator.  Each day this is an important decision…to humbly ask God to take our lives and bless them and make them holy by His grace.

When I am conscious of this in the early morning before the world actually wakes up, I get the right start.  This right start is more than a nutrious breakfast cereal that gives us important vitamins.  It is the right start on yet another journey – one I hope to live in peace following the love of my life.


If we do not believe in God little in life makes sense.  Life becomes situations where the only response could be to ask why.  I found the more I tried to find out the why of things, the more questions popped up.  I existed in the circle of questions.  Without acceptance of God, there are no answers.

Some say that man invented God.  It would make some sense if man invented life or miracles in life like the iris, the squirrel or the ocean.  We didn’t.  We are the highest level of intelligence in the world and yet we can’t explain love or a rainbow or a duck.  We think ourselves intelligent, but what do we know of anything.  We can attest to our own experiences in life, but we cannot explain our own existence. 

It is springtime.  The bright sun, the bright flowers and the bright blue sky demonstrate a power greater than ourselves.  We did not design this beautiful planet, yet we give little testament to its Creator.  We are responsible for a lot wrong in our world, but we seldom take the blame.  In fact, we pass it on to the Creator.  We blame easily.  We thank seldom.

Who do we think we are?  Our ego is a phenonmenon that challenges description.  How can a lowly being claim to be all he thinks about?  How can we think we are above others when the similarities are striking.  We are capable of great acts and just as capable of barbarous acts.  We can love with abandon and hate with a vengence. 

The only life that makes sense to me (after a lot of years chasing false gods) is one of following the One Who Is All.  The only happiness I garnered is in helping others and forgetting myself.  There is a God and I’m not He.  Let me give thanks and praise to the one true God who gives us the spring and winter and loves us enough to teach us the hard way.  I can relax now and listen to the still small voice.  Ahhh, it is so much easier to live a life that makes sense.