How Can a Catholic Be Happy?

My name is Kathleen Mulhall Haberland.  This is my first blog as “the happy Catholic.”   By God’s grace I have been granted the gift of faith.  God continues to be revealed to me in kaleidoscopic, yet microscopic revelations – a realization here, an understanding there.  I invite you to accompany me through my journey and then to accompany me through the new insights of a each new week. 

I had spent the major portion of my life tolerating the members of my Catholic family who continued to go to Mass on Sundays and say rosaries and, worse yet, novenas.  I mentally labeled them naive and smugly tolerated their lack of intelligence.  We all got along well, but I would have loved an opportunity to question them.  Life evolved into a series of events where I progressed from laughing at their silliness to wanting what they had.  I prayed in earnest for seventeen years for the gift of faith.  On September 11th, 2001, I received the first installment.

As the planes crashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Center, I was sickened at the fear I felt that life,  as we in the United States knew it, was going to end.  The people trapped in the towers went to work  expecting just an ordinary day.  Instead they lived their last day.  I watched in horror with my husband.  We were on vacation at the time, but it quickly ended as all we wanted to do was go home. 

I kept getting a mental picture of me as a young schoolgirl in my blue serge uniform from St. Patrick’s Elementary  School in Norristown, PA.  In this image I was kneeling down saying a rosary and looking up into a light.  I remembered the event as being on a Good Friday between the hours of noon and three o’clock.  I had been trying to remain silent for three hours (not easy for a kid!).   While I was saying the rosary, I got a distinct feeling of God’s presence.  It was a time of innocense, of course.  But in that moment, I felt a personal encounter with God.

Why was I remembering that moment now?  I flicked the remote trying to follow all the events of the day.  On one station (I know now to be EWTN) I heard an old priest and an older nun discussing the World Trade Center.  The priest (I came to know later as Fr. Benedict Groschel) and the nun (Mother Angelica) talked about what we should do at times like this.  The friar said that we should pray to Our Lady of Guadalupe because she was the Patroness of the Americas.  I had never heard of Our Lady of Guadalupe. 

The next morning I went to the local Catholic Shop (looking over my shoulder to make sure none of my friends saw me) to purchase a rosary and a little pamphlet on how to say the rosary Isince I had long forgotten the prayers).  I asked Our Lady of Guadalupe (whomever she was) to help America.  It was the beginning of becoming The Happy Catholic.


2 responses to “How Can a Catholic Be Happy?

  1. Welcome home,

    I too grew up in a Catholic home, but left the Church just prior to confirmation. I was away from the Church – and not living a very good life – for nearly 20+ years. After the death of my Dad, I read some of the Old Testament, then the New Testament and before I knew it was back to Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church. I’d never realized what a beautiful thing the Catholic faith was until I studied and learned what the Church taught. It’s made me realize that faith is a gift – I did nothing to deserve such a gift. EWTN and our Blessed Mother certainly helped me in my journey. I know try to pray for my friends and family who are still not practicing their faith.

    So glad to hear about your return!

    Praise God!

    • Hello Catechism on Call!
      I haven’t blogged in a while. I remember your comment. I truly had the same return. Had I known how beautiful our faith was, I would have ran back to it. It took 911 to stop the debate in my head. I stopped going back and forth with opinions and rash statements (by me and others). I just made a decision that my practice would be to go to Mass in the morning. (Of course, this came after the debate and rosaries and Our Lady of Guadalupe opening my mind to the beauty of being a practicing Catholic. Eventually, I stopped all battles in my head and “acted as if” I truly believed. Slowly (small step by small step) I found myself smack dab in the middle of the Roman Catholic religion. I felt weird at first (keeping my happiness in as a person does who has fallen in love and can’t find the words to describe the wonderful feelings). Because I was a skeptic, I started out Catholicism thinking people would think me naive to be a Catholic (because I judged Catholics myself). Eventually I found others who were immersed in their faith who really didn’t know what to think. Today they are my friends. We can talk freely about our faith, we go to Steubenville for the Defend the Faith Conference in the summer, and we go on retreats, praise God at Mass, talk about scripture passages, etc. I am so happy to be a card-carrying Catholic that I still can’t express it well. I have a particular affinity with Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Bridget, and many others – of course after the Blessed Trinity. I would like to correspond with you if that is okay. Perhaps we can steer each other to wonderful surprises yet to be discovered.

      In His Holy Name,

      Kate, the Happy Catholic

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